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  Photo Section

   The Photo Section  maintains a collection  of  whatever  photographs can be 
   found  concerning Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba, and a large collection of
   other photographs of India's Freedom Movement. It has a full-fledged photo  
   developing & enlarging unit and lamination and mounting facilities. It supplies
   photographs in  sizes  varying from Cabinet size to wall size, on order, for
   non-commercial purposes, at nominal charges (see Services Section)

 Gandhiji as Young Lawyer        Gandhi ji with Kasturba       Gandhiji with young Indira Gandhi

       A summary of the catalogue of available photographs is given below : 

Group      Group Description                                                                                  No. of  

A Mahatma Gandhi : Early Phase (1869-1893)            22
B   Mahatma Gandhi : South Africa Phase (1893-1914)   169
C Mahatma Gandhi : Sabarmati Phase (1915-1931)   
-C1 Pre-Salt Satyagraha Period   (1915-1930)        
-C2 Salt Satyagraha   (1930-1931)       

Mahatma Gandhi : Sevagram Phase (1932- May 1944) 
-D1 Pre-Sevagram Ashram Period   (1932-1935) 
-D2  Sevagram Ashram Period (1936 - July 1942)    
-D3 Quit India Movement (August 1942 - May 1944)           

E   Mahatma Gandhi : Last Phase (May1944 onwards)
-E1 Period after Release from Imprisonment in 
       Aga Khan Palace (May 1944 - Oct. 1946)
-E2  Noakhali-Bihar-Calcutta Period (Oct. 1946 - Sept. 1947)                  
-E3 Last Days in Delhi (Sept. 1947 till the end)                                         


Kasturba Gandhi & other Family Members         53
G Other Photos relating to Mahatma Gandhi     208
H      Other Leaders of Freedom Movement 
(Abdul Ghaffar Khan,  C. F. Andrews,  Jawaharlal Nehru,
Jayaprakash Narayan,  Subhas  Chandra  Bose,
Sardar Patel, Vinoba Bhave  & others)
I   Other Photos of Freedom Movement  130       
J Photos concerning the Museum   494        
K Write - ups 1313   

Other Photographs                                                                                       
(Leo Tolstoy & Miscellaneous Photographs)

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