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                                       Gandhiji's News Papers

     The Library has a collection of about 2,000  bound volumes  of Periodicals. Almost 
     complete  runs of  the  periodicals  which  were  established/edited/supported by
     Mahatma  Gandhi, such  as 'Indian Opinion' (Phoenix), 1903-1914, 'Young India'
     (Ahmedabad ), 1919-1930 and 'Harijan' (Poona, Ahmedabad), 1933-1955, are
     available, as also 'Harijan Bandhu' (Gujarati) (Ahmedabad), 1923-1955, and
     'Navajivan' (Hindi) (Ahmedabad), 1924-1931.

     Some other periodicals like 'Gandhi Marg' (New Delhi) in English as well as Hindi
     from the years 1957 to present day, 'Khadi Gramodyog' (Bombay) from
     1955  to 1972 and 1999/2000 , 'AICC Economic Review' from 1952
      to 1968,  'Aryan Path' from 1930 to 1976, ' Visva-Bharati  Quarterly ' from 1948 to 
     1989 are also available. A list of all these periodical-volumes is given below

   List of Periodicals

         Computerized Catalogue   Mahatma Gandhi Papers

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